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I print with a 35mm LPL enlarger, with two different, 2-blade LPL easels. I adjust the blades to set the borders, but I noticed that with a standard 50mm lens, I can't quite get 100% of the frame onto the paper
What size negative are you printing?

When it comes to enlargers, you want the focal length of your enlarging lens to (roughly) match that of a normal(ish) lens for the format your printing. For instance:

  • 35mm full-frame: 50mm
  • 120 square format: 75mm
  • 6x9 format 120: 105mm

Using a shorter focal length will give you greater enlargement. If you can't get the elevation with a normal lens to fill your paper, switch to the shorter focal length. Be advised, though, that you may experience vignetting towards the edges of the negative as a result. Depends on the lens.

Good luck!