Do you have any interest in a Polaroid CB-70 back that takes Integral Film (TIP/The Impossible Project)? I have 2 and don't need both, actually I don't need either but I haven't quite given up on my RZ67 mod to have an integral polaroid back... but anyway I don't need both of them, so if you're interested let me know. I payed $300 for them so I would prefer to break even, but if that's too high perhaps we can work a trade on one of your sweet mods, you obviously have more skill than I do in that department.

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The Polaroid 110A/600SE with roll film back.

Wanted a 6x9, it would be silly to stick anything less on this big brute of a camera. Since the M-adapter type backs obscure the viewfinder, and the G-type adapters only allow RB67 roll film backs, I went and made/adapted my own solution. Took an adapter probably taken off a CB-70/103 pack film back, and a Graflex 23 I went about getting the film plane right. This meant grinding out a trough 3.2mm deep in the adapter plate.

The roll film holder has no means of fixing to the adapter. So I made a skirt of 1/8" aluminium, glued it to the holder and then bolted it to the adapter. A bit of paint and light tight foam later and hey presto:

Mounted on the camera:

Test picture: