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Forget it, best advice is to make flypaper from it.

You can successfully get color neg images using C-41 kit at home, plus manual removal of the anti-halation layer. But no telling how the colors will curve out. I've done it, just for fun.

The problem is, what's next? It is a low contrast film intended to be "printed" onto a high contrast reversal material. Kodak's Vericolor 5022, IIRC, was a low volume film that would do that. Kodak also had a number of different "print" films over the years to make the movies.

Being low contrast, prints never came out very well. I had this done, with slides, for years from Identicolor in North Hollywood. Ditto RGB color, and they would make the "print" slides from any C-41 film very nice.

Maybe you could scan the negs into something usable, but the flypaper advice is still the best.

Bottom line, why bother?
If you aren't sure how to spool film on a steel reel, perfect practice material.....