I have a silver Leica-M 50 mm lens f 1.4 Summilux with serial number 1946918 (Germany). The serial number indicates that this lens is from 1962. It is in very good condition and works flawlessly.

Q1) Am I correct in assuming it is the first type of this lens?

Q2) My other question: I saw two other lenses like these on internet" - the first has serial number 1945xxx see: http://photoalps.at/shop/Leica-M-1-1...lver-Version-1 - the second has serial number 2072xxx see: http://www.kenrockwell.com/leica/50mm-f14.htm My lens number is in the middle of these numbers. The first lens on internet has "13" engraved behind the letter "m" and beneath the word "feet" of the focusing scale. The second lens has "14" engraved in this place. However, my lens has no engraving in this place what so ever. Can anyone tell me what this engravings mean and why there isn't any on my lens?

Q3) This my hardest question (and doubt). Seeing the 2nd hand prices for these lenses, I'm wondering if I should sell mine and invest the money in a M9 or M-Monochrome camera (I love B&W)? I'm told Leica lenses are hard(er) to get nowadays thus raising the 2nd hand market prices. I also have a 35 mm Summicron, a 50 mm Summicron and a 90 mm Elmarit (f 2.8). I like wide angle more than tele photo. So I'm also thinking of selling the 90 mm lens (black, #2427612, Germany, like new) since I don't use it. This would mean I'll keep the 35 and 50 mm Summicron lenses. I have an old & battered M4-2 (but functioning), a M5 and a brand new M7. I would like to go digital with Leica but can't afford to buy one. My only digital camera is a Nikon D200. So: what would you do? Or maybe trade in my M7 for a digital Leica? I'm not sure....

Thanks, Bert from Holland