wildbill I am the owner of Frame Destination and I am very disappointed to hear about your experience with Frame Destination. I am personally looking into this.

My understanding is that we shipped you two sets and then asked you to return the product to us at our cost for a full refund. My understanding is that was not your preference and I have reprimanded my customer service team for refusing to send you more product. I understand however why they did so...in general we would rather have no sale than one that is not a win-win for both our customer and us. They did not want to disappoint you again. Apparently your return is still in transit but when it arrives I will be looking at it personally along with my team and I will contact you directly.

In regards to the rag mat board I am surprised that you were able to get it in better condition from a place that just drops a box in the mail. Most places, even most distributors, do not inspect the mat board much and if you get a full box with Bainbridge on it and that box has not been opened, you know it has not been inspected at all. None of us are making the Alpharag and we all buy it from the same place. My company should be as good if not better than everyone else in product quality and shipping and as you have noticed we do it at a price that means if we have to ship a replacement then we are losing money before shipping is even added in.

White rag board is very hard to manufacture perfectly but we do try to make sure that at least one side of the board is free from defects. Quality of the product will vary from production run to production run and so sometimes we have to send everything back to the manufacturer and sometimes we have very good product to choose from. Usually quality is somewhere in the middle. In the case of the Alpharag, Bainbrigde recently move or changed their mat production facility resulting in a lot of problems, especially the pure white alpharag. We try our best to keep our customers from seeing these problems.

In regards to the plexiglas. I am not aware of us sending you any replacement or refund for the acrylic. Do we need to replace your acrylic was well? We recently changed from Acrylite acrylic to Plexiglas acrylic and I have been doing a survey of customers that have purchased both from us to see if they have noticed any changes in the quality and which version of the non-glare they prefer. We try to be very careful with the acrylic and minimize handling but since we have to ship it with the masking in place we typically do not know it is defective until our customer notifies us.

President Frame Destination, Inc.