I had a little time to kill this morning so I decided to play chemist. Now, I took Chemistry, Biology and Physics in High School, but the only thing I really remember is showing up for class and being glad to hear that good old class ending bell. I passed them all, but really don't know how? Here's the deal. I tried FX37 sometime back and really liked it, but then went back to Xtol and WD2D+ pyro. Well, I wanted to use some FX37 last night and my stock was darker than Coke so I dumped it. I looked at the date on the bottle and said to myself, "my where does the time go". So, this morning I decided to run another batch only this time I wanted it to last and last and last. I read somewhere, a line by Patrick Gainer, that he would add the Phenidone and Hydroquinone to Glycol and eventually substitute Ascrobic acid for the Hydroquinone, but that was pretty much all I remember. Here's the question.............: I added the Phenidone and Hydroquinone to Glycol, but now I'm wondering about the part B solution, which would contain Sodium Sulfite anhydrous, Sodium Carbonate anhydrous, Borax, Potassium Bromide and a 1% solution of Benzotriazole with water to make 1000ml. Since I've read that Gycol is a solvent do I cut or eliminate the Sodium Sulfite in the part B? JohnW