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Hey guys,

i'm curious about these Yashica 124g cameras. Is the image quality very good? They look to be very affordable. Any input?

They're a very good camera. The lens is a Tessar type, and performs about like any other Tessar. The overall build quality is not quite as nice as a Rollei, but what is?
The solution to the battery "problem" is to use #675 hearing aid cells. If you look at those cells, you will find (after peeling off the tab) four air holes. Block three of these holes, use tape or glue. This will extend the life from a few weeks to a year or more. Use an O-ring from the hardware store as a bushing to keep it in the center of the compartment.

As for the image quality, it depends more upon whomever is using the camera than anything else. Just like the Rollei in this respect, there's no difference whatever.