I have some frozen since birth Fuji 220 color negative film. As you may know, Fuji no longer makes 220 film at least not marketed in most of the world, so I am putting it up for sale. As noted it has been frozen since I bought it new and is excess to my needs. I just don't shoot as much color film anymore and am keeping all my 120 expired film. When I shot a Pentax 67, I found that the 220 film was great as I got 20 shots/roll change as apposed to 10 shots with 120.

I have the following:

3 Pro Packs (5 rolls ea) Fuji Reala 220 asa 100, 2-1997-9, 1-1997-10 $40 per Pro Pack
2 Pro Packs (5 rolls ea) Fuji NHG 220 asa 400, 1998-4 $40 per Pro Pack

All sales are plus shipping and figure about $6 for priority mail in US more for overseas. PayPal is fine for payment.