I have a lot of Fuji NPL Tungsten Balanced C-41 Negative film. This film has all been frozen since I purchased it and is excess to my needs. I still use this film with my Hot lights in the studio, but don't shoot that much color anymore. When Fuji discontinued this film, I got a little crazy and bought all that I could and now you can benefit from my temporary insanity.

I have the following:

2 Boxes, 50 sheets NPL 4x5 Em# 647-413, 2006-7 $75.00 per box

2 Pro packs (5 rolls ea) 120 NPL Em# 647001, 2007-2 $40.00 per Pro pack

2 Boxes 20 sheets/box 4x5 Quick Load Em# 647-412, 2006-4 $80.00 per box

I would like to sell multiple boxes/packs, so make me an offer. All film is sealed as new.