Hello Richard,
Thanks for the comment. Your right: it's a bit strange to ask about a digital camera on this forum. I thought and hesitated about that. But then, posting it here would give me some reactions from people like you who also understand and appreciate the non-digital photography. People I won't likely find on other (digital) fora, where "more bytes is always better" rules. So please indulge me.
And since this wasn't my only question, I dared posting it, hoping people won't find it too much off topic.

First off all, let me say that I agree with you: a digital camera won't make you a better photographer (or an analogue for that matter). It's not that I'm not satisfied with my cameras or lenses. And I will stick to analogue just for the fun of it.
But I would also like to be able to shoot digital. I have one digital camera (a Nikon D200) for about 6 years now and it seems it is dying on me (won't happen with my much older Nikon F5 or Nikon EL-2). So, instead of buying a new Nikon, I thought maybe I could get me a digital Leica, especially for the fantastic lenses I have. But I'm not able to make that kind of investment. Hence my dilemma. I'm very interested in a Leica M Monochrome, just not the price tag.

But, even if I don't sell my lenses, I still have the 2 questions (Q1 and Q2) about the Summilux lens.

And yes: I have great fun (and fantastic images) with my old Leica M4-2, my Bronica SQ-B or my Agfa Clack rebuild into a pinhole camera. I think I have about 20 different film cameras and I enjoy them all from time to time. So just one digital camera is allowed (in my opinion), even if it won't make my work better. Just easier on some occasions .....

Bert from Holland