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Paul, your milliliters are correct but let's say 1 + 14 (i.e., not '15') in order to avoid confusion. This (1 + 14) 'adds up' to the '15' working solution.

(1:15 is ambiguous both because of the colon and because of the '15'. 'What does it mean'? Does it mean 1 'to' 15? Some interprete that to mean '1 plus 15'. Some interprete it to mean '1' makes a total of '15'.)

Of course, Paul, we are assuming that brands other than Flexicolor will do what Flexicolor will do. Will that be a costly assumption? I think that it will work but I cannot guarantee that it will. - David Lyga
There's a reason I shyed from the math heavy occupations. So, add 7% to my figures.

I think most of us understand that what worked with Flexicolor may not with other brands. However, they all have to use CD-4, so at worst, the differences may just require a time/temp tweak. And for those of us who don't print but scan, even color shifts are of no concern.