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Roger, I am breaking form tradition a bit, I am using Rosewood as well as walnut. I wanted to incorporate the two woods as I like them both. They look good together. I've cut some of the wood and have some parts together. Going with stainless steel and aluminum on this one.

I'm going to dovetail the joints on this one. My box joints will come into play on some special parts that I am going to make. All wood will be hand sanded to 1,000 grit. I sand from 320 up with oil and diamonds to polish the wood and close the pores. I've done this on the other three ULF's and they look great.
Aluminum is a welcome word to read; I'm used to working with that and I'll thus be able to follow your build a bit better. Dovetails will be pretty on the outside corners; are you routing or hand-cutting? Also, I think the rosewood will look nice; I considered that as a material. Can't wait to see pics!