You occurred to me: I've been on this site for more than a year and I've never shown any of you guys my photos. So, here's a set of some of my favourite photos from Summer 2012. I have such a backlog of negatives to go through that I really shouldn't post anything more recent until I can assess it all (which I am slowly getting to).

All of these were shot using a Nikon F80, F65, or F90. It amazes me some of the shots I was able to take with these photos, because of how loud they are (especially the F90). But, in certain cases, it has made me shy away because I knew I wouldn't go undetected and would get either something posed or something worse. I've been transitioning away from 35mm SLRs over the past few months - finally. I've now got a Yashica TLR and a Konica Hexar AF on the way, both of which should allow me to take even better photos in 2013.

First, B&W:

1. Ilford XP2

2. Ilford HP5+

3. Ilford HP5+

4. Ilford HP5+

5. Ilford HP5+

6. Ilford XP2 (My favourite photo of 2012)

7. Ilford XP2

8. Ilford HP5+

Happy New Year!