I have a 124G and have used it for several years - I paid for a CLA when I bought it and it has been great. I might be getting a pair of Rolleiflex's in the next couple of months so I don't know how much I will continue to use it but it really is light and easy to carry around. Printing at 11x14, I can't tell a difference between it and my RZ (I tend to shoot both at F/11).

kmallick - I have had a single problem with mine, in that the advance worked (it advanced the film) but would not stop to tell you when it was at the next frame; so you put in a roll and wind through the whole thing. It made a ratchetty sound for several weeks prior to doing this and while I cannot say for certain that yours is going down the same path, I would get it looked at. However, this is a different noise from the clicking sound that advancing the film makes - it was more of a sound of a gear not meshing properly than a grind.