[ In 1965 Konica had the Auto Reflex. It had shutter priority automation, a bayonet mount, automatic aperture indexing, full aperture metering, a vertical metal shutter and even the ability to switch from full frame to half frame. The one missing piece was TTL metering. This was corrected in 1970 with the Autoreflex T/FTA.

My first SLR was a Spot, my second was a Konica T, great glass, flash sync 125th and I really liked the shutter priority, but I bought a Nikon F because I needed, or thought I needed a motor drive. In my mind Nikon put all the elements togeather for a complete system, great lens lineup, motor, viewfinder, you name it Nikon likley made it. Canon was not far behind. The Konica FS did have the first intergrated motor winder, but gave up the 125th flash sync and the shutter speed read out in the viewfinder. Nice camera but not the same quaility as the T T2s or T3s. I think Nikon just got better and better.