Ala Richard Rankin :~')) I do have more images as needed.

No. 1 SOLD!

No. 2 is a gorgeous shape 6" f4 Projection Petzval made by Bausch & Lomb and marked Williams Brown and Earle. Perfect for your 4X5 portraits. This will swirl on 4X5!! $205

No. 3 and No. 4 are both 22CM (8 3/4" covers 5X8!) Rapid Rectilinears. No. 3 is no-name but I think it is probably a Ross. It has a lovely working aperture assy. F8 max. Sorry, no flange. $88

No. 4 is really interesting for such an early lens. It is Morley's #2 Rapid Rect. 5X8 and it takes waterhouse stops. It is f7.2 wide open. The aluminum is really different and pretty. $108

Then last but not least AT ALL is a TTH Cooke Series III 6.2" Triplet for 5X4! The Serie III is f6.5. Aperture on this one is smooth as butter. It has more than a few cleaning sleaks and my price reflects the real value considering the damage. Not enough damage to affect contrast much. 2%? maybe. It has a jamb nut that sort of fits the threads. Usable Cooke! and actually VERY pretty. $72