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There's a reason I shyed from the math heavy occupations. So, add 7% to my figures.

I think most of us understand that what worked with Flexicolor may not with other brands. However, they all have to use CD-4, so at worst, the differences may just require a time/temp tweak. And for those of us who don't print but scan, even color shifts are of no concern.
It would depend on the whether the colour shift is linear or not, for example say at a density of .1 your shift is 4M, and at a density of .99 it's also 4M, the shift is linear, and does not matter. However suppose at a density of .1 your shift is 4M, and .2 is 3M,1Y, and .7 it's 5M,2Y and at .99 it's 7M,4Y, this isn't linear, because the lighter parts in a print will be more affected then dark areas, and not evenly affected, that would be a bear to correct digitally.