Hello all:

Since it's been (ahem) 42 years since high school chemistry, I need some help with the calculations to get the whole milligrams per mole thing straight in my head. Silver nitrate AgNO3 has one silver (107.9) one nitrogen (14) and three oxygen (16x3=48) for a mole weight of 169.9, of which 63.50% is silver

Sodium Thiosulfate Na2S2O3 has a molar weight of 248, of which 25% is sulfur.

Iím using about 5 grams of AgNO3, and this is where I get stuck and my memory fails me.

5 grams of silver nitrate has 3.175g of actual silver.
1 gram of sodium thiosulfate (dissolved in 100ml of water) has 25mg in the bottle.

Where, mathematically, do I go next?

Thanks in advance,