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It sounds like underexposure to me - do the edge numbers look properly developed in comparison with the well-exposed negs? Are you using filters and forgetting to compensate? You could open up the aperture by half a stop to one stop when using flash, and check that your flash meter is giving accurate readings before blaming the film.
It is not blaming the film per se, more a question of how to use it with flash. Opening the aperture half or one stop, you mean it works better at 25? I've used some APX100 and 125PX (both exposed at 100) during the same shoot, they are spot one. The panf 50 (exposed at 50) just doesn't give the same results that's why I presume I am doing something wrong in the development stage. And yes the numbers could be a bit darker, but compared to the other films I mention the panf numbers seem a little slim so they may look less dark anyway...


But it's great film otherwise so I am not giving up on it!