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Bear in mind flash is a far more contrast source of light than natural sunlight (In most cases) which is where a problem may lie. However it looks by your description that your flash source may be a little optimistic about the level of light output. Was your flash controlled by the camera, by the flashgun or by using a meter? Any of these could be giving a wrong estimation of the requirements for the film. You could try rating the Pan F Film at 25 ISO and see what the results are like then.
I agree, reading your post and the other posts I'll try rating it at 25 for flash. (I am aware of the contrast from the light sources, I shot the same light with other film too, I really ment the contrast in the film, if I say that correctly )

PS I used a combination of bowens 750W and a 1000W profoto head, a sekonic l-508 lightmeter, no issue with other films, (films I am very much used to)