Hi Ben.
There are lots of good technicians out there (and even more incompetent ones, I'm sure) One of the former is Michael Zack, at Zack's Camera Repair, in Providence. Another top notch company is SK Grimes, in Woonsocket, RI. They tend to be a bit pricier but they're able to do just about anything and their work is unbeatable.

Michael recently did a CLA on a Rollei Automat for me and I was quite pleased with the result. Give him a call. You would be able to find a good deal on cameras at the PHSNE Photographica show in April, in Wakefield, MA or, if you're a member or are willing to join PHSNE (half price membership for the first year is dirt cheap) the member's auction in February is a wonderful place to pick up bargains, as well as meet a bunch of fellow gear-heads (same location). Michael Zack is often there and can talk to you about any camera you might be interested in. Other folks can help with the selection as well–they won't be there as dealers, but as members and potential buyers. I have yet to see anything at the auction go for anything like its street price.