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Hi, Rakmaya! Years ago I bought a Graflex Super Graphic. Of course it came with its standard kit 135mm lens, and I found out something: you don't need a big range of lenses. You just need one lens, and then use it well. What you do need to do is learn how to properly load and unload the film holders, expose the film, and develop it.

For quick feedback, you can use Fuji instant film. You'll need either a Polaroid 405 holder or a Fuji PA-145 holder. The film is the FP-100C, and I think there's also a 3000 speed B&W film. It produces a very good image. It's just a tad under 4x5 in size, but it's OK.

If you have a real darkroom, or a room that can be made dark (I use my bathroom), you can process in trays. You can also process in Patterson tanks using the "taco" method. You may be able to find a used HP Combiplan tank. Don't bother with the Yankee tank. There are Jobo tanks and reels for processing 4x5.

Most chemicals will work with most films. Actually, there's only a few exceptions, like you're not supposed to use TMax developer with sheet films. Otherwise, just about any developer will develop your film. Start with something common, like D-76 in a packet or Ilford Ilfosol liquid. Start with what is recommended in the instructions, and then adjust from there.

Enjoy your new camera!
Wait why not use Tmax dev??


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