I think Joe's question is what I was originally trying to get at a few weeks ago but he's asked it much more clearly.

Joe, are you joining the emulsion making club or are you already a member? Are you making PE's ISO 40 SRAD? Please let us know how it works out for you.

I tried to be clever and make a variation of the ISO 40 last week and completely killed it. But I believe I know what I did as in I added a stabilizer early in the digestion which I later found out totally arrests the process. It is very insensitive and fogged. Shortly, I'll have to try again and follow the directions correctly without trying to be clever. (Note: the stabilizer was not the supposedly clever part.)

PE, I had a question for you: does the Ammonium Thiocyanate in Steigman's Gold Sensitizer (as given by Denise and TT Hill) contribute any sulfur to the sensitizing process? As I understand from my reading, the Am Thio combines with the Gold Chloride to form AuSCN, but I haven't been able to clearly discern if the SCN contributes any sulfur or not. Originally I thought it did but now I am not so sure.

My chemistry was only 35 years ago and you remember more than I did, Joe.

-- Jason