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I think Joe's question is what I was originally trying to get at a few weeks ago but he's asked it much more clearly.

Joe, are you joining the emulsion making club or are you already a member? Are you making PE's ISO 40 SRAD? Please let us know how it works out for you.

. . . My chemistry was only 35 years ago and you remember more than I did, Joe.

-- Jason
Thanks Ron for the quick reply. It will be nice to see you again in March.

As to my memory, well It's not what it was, but I find it's still better than average.

Jason, I took Ron's emulsion making 101 in January 2011 and have been rummaging around ever since. I had some trouble in Late 2011 and early 2012 (divorce and two eye operations) and dropped out of sight for awhile but I'm back, healthier and happier than ever. Since I tend to photograph in the warmer months then cocoon in the darkroom in the colder. . . .

As to the emulsion, I'm starting from the basics again (AZO) and it's coming back to me quickly, but reading this thread I was confused (natural state) and thought I'd ask. Then on to Ron's book before the workshop at GEH.

All the best,