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Will you have the rare developer equipment for things like 110, APX, and 70mm spool reels and daylight tanks for 70mm? And 4x5 inserts for standard hand processing JOBO tanks similar to the MOD54?


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We are working with Jobo on several projects for specialty films (8mm, 16mm, APS and 70mm), and will update on those when stuff materializes.

For now - you can get the 2509n reels, which are as you noted a 4X5 insert for all 2500 system tanks, takes up to 6 sheets per run, and there is no risk of sheets becoming unloaded during processing, no matter how aggressive the agitation. The 2500 system (Multitanks) can be used with for manual style processing (inversion, manual rotation on a flat surface or roller base), or can be adapted to use on any Jobo machine with or with out a lift.

The Multitnank 5 (2550) can take up to 12 sheets, on two 2509n reels.

The 2509n reels are in stock, along with all 2500 system tanks.