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I think the trend toward smaller SLRs was started by the Fujica ST701 and not by the later Olympus M1/OM1. There is always the idea that more than one company can be working on an idea at the same time but the ST701 predated the M1/OM1.
I agree about the ST701. It also had a big, bright viewfinder, and was fairly light and relatively quiet, which were other OM selling points in addition to size. Much credit to Olympus for popularizing those features in their immensely popular OM-1, through extensive advertising and offering a great product with a large system. The 701 had the first silicon blue cell meter, with match needle stop down metering. The ST801 (my first SLR) additionally had open aperture metering, the first LED meter indication and the new EBC multicoated lenses- IIRC they were second after Pentax with full multicoating.
Multicoating is another example of more than one company working on an idea at the same time.