I need some input from folks who has done this type of things already.

For an image I'm trying to create, I need large and chunky grain - just as if I used Delta 3200. But with a caveat .. I need to shoot this scene in broad daylight and I need slower shutter speed coupled with large aperture. 1/60 or slower and f/2.8 or f/4 is necessary for this image.

As a reference, the level of grainyness I'm looking for is Delta3200 in 35mm format processed with D76 for 13 minutes. When enlarged to 8x10, it has very obvious grain. Unfortunately, I only have ND4 and it won't reach nearly slow enough shutter speed or large enough aperture. (I've tried...)

I've also tried Tri-X pushed 2 stops in XTOL. Way too smooth and way too fast.

I've been researching and I hear processing Tri-X with Dektol will result in large grain. I've also read Rodinal will also create large grain.

Right now, I have Tri-X, D-76, and Dektol handy. I'm willing to buy new developer if necessary.

Here's the question - which will result in grainer image? Or is there another suggestion to achieve this chemically?