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Both friends are master photographers, master teachers, and incredible people. Most of the work has been given to them or in trade for their own work. Ruth Bernard to John Wimberley, Jerry U. to Linda Conner, etc etc! Truly amazing.

I was mentioning this thread to one of them, and he walked me over to one of MK"S print and he said, "You don't pull out this detail from a chart."
Nice to know good nice honorable photographers exist.

My "teachers" who I assisted only 3 times stopped talking to me when I was accepted into the same competition as them, blocked from social networks (Facebook) etc. I felt bad, I wasn't bragging I had in fact said I was honored to even be considered in the same realm as them (they shoot for Vogue etc.) and in turn they cut me off, as if I had stolen all the talent from them.

So it's nice to hear stories like that.


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