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It was my understanding that my need to give the exposure a "second pass" (so to speak) was evidence of my incompetence. Meaning, that if I had exposed correctly, that no post adjustment would need to be made. But the correct way to go about is it capture as much tonality on the negative, then adjust exposure to taste when enlarging (or scanning), correct?
There isn't one absolute answer here. There are a variety of ways to shoot negatives "correctly".

For example TXP (Tri-X Professional 320) is a film with a very long toe. Some of us very much like the effect of the toe when shot at box speed, others prefer to give more exposure to get the subject matter up off the toe a ways; Both approaches are "correct".

Both approaches can also be "standardized" for an individual. The adjustments required "to print" can become standard and applied automatically so that the proofs are much closer to what the individual expects on the first try.

Still, a fine print almost always requires more adjustments.