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I was not aware film casettes being a problem. I thought as long a film manufacturer is producing film the producer of the casettes will have demand to satisfy. So I can't see this move under the light of "we saved the type 135 film casette". Perhaps it is a financial move, I could agree with that.
Like anything else, as demand falls, bulk runs at giant manufacturing facilities don't have enough orders, and so it is no longer profitable to keep the machines going, and certainly not profitable to design new smaller run machines for a dying business (and yes it's dying as they see it) so Ilford is being smart in creating their own ahead of time as to not have this cause a lag like ADOX seems to be having because their supplier has stopped supplying suddenly...

Most film users also are shooting 120 and 4x5 more than 35mm as they progress they want more detail and more information and more flexibility that 35mm can't offer, and so the need is less and less. Yes there are still 35mm shooters (Mostly the Leica crowd), but as an example, the only 35mm I shoot are panoramic these days in my Mamiya 7 which really is a 120 camera with a 35mm adapter.

Anyway that's my take on it.