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Thanks for the help, that makes sense.

This is my first experience with 120 film and I'm a bit confused. The film I have didn't come in any sort of protective container, it was just wrapped around a spool. Once I've exposed all of the film, should I just pull out the take up spool (which now has my exposed film wrapped around it) and put it into some sort of lightproof container to bring to my photo lab?
as i said in previous comment, the paper is pretty light tight, but to keep light from piping down the edges at the flanges -- it can over time -- wrap the film in aluminum foil or just put it in a black bag of some sort. No need to rush, i just keep mine out of direct sunlight and shove it in my pocket until i get back to the car.

if you saw the bottom end off of a 35mm film can (black one) and then tape that tube to the top of a second black can, you have an instant 120 film storage holderwith lid. Some brands of film also come in tubes, and i believe there is a brand of mini-M&Ms that come in a tube that works nicely.