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you should find some red celophane and put it over the window so you don't have to tape it up. Alternately, the black backing paper on film is actually pretty light tight, if you find a deep shadowy place where you can lift the tape in relative darkness and only have it up enough to see the numbers go by as you wind, it will work.

but red clear celophane is your best bet. local hobby shop will have yards of the stuff.
The red cellophane is not necessary at all, in fact if you even bother, green would be the color to use.

Old B&W film (pre 1950's) was not reactive to red light so they colored the window red to prevent exposure, however that's not true of modern panchromatic film, plus as mentioned modern backing paper is much better than the old stuff.

I said green because most deceloping instructions will say "if you MUST have light in your darkroom, you can use a dark green safety light for a few seconds toward the end of development" but really, just keep the back in subdued light/shadows and you will be fine.

But check the bellows in direct sunlight not lamp light, as there are often leaks you don't see till the sun comes around.



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