D316 works fine with all films made by Ilford, Kodak and Fuji.
I've crunched all the data and am finishing some retesting. The only real surprise is that Delta 3200 takes 25 minutes to develop. I'll post all the dev-times in not too long.

Fuji Acros has an interesting density-curve. Here are curves from two rolls with different dev-times:


When most films start shouldering off in extreme highlights, Acros shifts into overdrive and ramps back up after X=0.3. As a result, the curve has a small swale from X=-0.3 to X=0.6. The upward slope of the swale won't affect photos unless they're badly overexposed, but I thought I'd point out this odd behaviour. BTW, these two curves are shifted horizontally a little because I've been tweaking my methods.

Mark Overton