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I believe that starter is just bromide (am I incorrect?) to slow things down initially, until enough bromide has gotten into the solution to slow things down on its own. Not needed if you: do 'one shot' and make appropriate time adjustments. Again, correct me if I err. - David Lyga
This is my understanding of the function of the starter and bromide, and someone correct me if I am wrong.

Bromide is the restrainer, which is not put or needed in replenisher, as it was already in the original developer when it was first mixed, and continually replaced as a by-product of development. The restrainer (usually bromide) is needed in nearly all developers to prevent unexposed silver halides from developing, producing fog.

Now, If you want to make a working solution out of the replenisher, then you must add starter, which has bromide (restrainer) in it. As far as I know, the only use for starter is to make a working solution out of replenisher. I don't see how it can be left out for one-shot development, even with a time adjustment.