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Got myself a 210 schneider used. The 90mm was too much to afford now.
A good choice - My kit consists of four main lenses, 90mm, 135mm, 180mm, and a 300mm. When out shooting, the 135mm & 180mm lenses get used most often, the 300mm is sometimes used, and the 90mm, rarely. I would recommend spending time with the 210mm, get use to it and the foibles of 5x4. Once you are happy with the results you're getting, think about a shorter lens. Maybe go out shooting with another LF user and try out his/her lenses (if they share the same lens board dimensions).

Watch out for the image circle on the shorter lenses - A 150mm Xenar has room for very limited movements, and a 135mm Xenotar will only just cover 5x4 stopped down. As a comparison, the Fujinon 135W (early version) has an image circle of 228mm which gives you around 1.5" of movements.

Don't get too hung up on lenses & gear - Just go out and have fun