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i'm also a film neanderthal, but I'm looking forward to photoshop supplying choices of models and allowing me to set the studio lights, so i don't even need a digital camera anymore.
The software is already here as can be seen by the works of Pixar and Dreamworks - Not quite Photoshop or affordable by Joe Average, but the technology is here, and prices will come down.

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Surely this is part of the satisfaction with using a camera from say the 50's or 60's and coming home and creating really nice images - there's an element of showmanship and personal satisfaction in NOT being mainstream. Fiddling with manually controlled exposure settings to try and get the best image when the latest equipment automates everything is no different to tweaking the mixture and timing to get that old engine running sweet when the latest vehicles have it all done by black-box.
Using a lens from the 1890's, a (LF) camera from the 1950's, and film made within the last year (all be it with 1980's technology) is a statement to the effect that the craft spans three centuries and it still produces results. For me, it is as much about producing images that are noticeably different from the plethora of humdrum digital prints in their over manipulated gore..... That and it scares the hell out of the natives when confronted by a real big camera