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The wide angle is just to put a smaller image on the film. Don't move closer. My first thought was to use a Minox. Have you ever tried one of those?
Here's what you do. Put the lens you were going to use on the camera. Set up the image so you're standing where you would be to snap the shutter. Then switch to the wide angle - and don't move. As long as you do not change the distance between the film and the subject, perspective will not change with focal length.

The caveat is to not use a lens wide anough that it has all sorts of funny geometric distortion that makes straight lines curved or wavy.

Aside from that - I agree with what others have said given your available materials. Use the grainiest film to begin with. Assuming the scene has an average luminance range, dilute your D76 to 1+3 and overdevelop big time. Don't underexpose the film. If anything, overexpose.

Dektol will work great too, but you'll have to experiment first to find the right dilution. The standard paper dilutions will give very high contrast. Not sure if you want high contrast or not.