I use a Zonemaster II enlarging meter and have done several calibrations for my LPL enlarger. Now I got into posession of a Durst L1200 with CLS501 head. The LPL uses Kodak filter values which are the Durst values *1.5 (acc. the Durst manual).

I'd like to use my LPL calibration on the Durst as well (this would save me work and calibration space on the zonemaster). In theory I just would need to dial in 100 on the Durst when I had to use 150 on the LPL.

What confuses me is the fact that the calibration manual of the zonemaster recommends filter values for LPL/Kodak and Durst (130) but the values are far from beeing a factor of 1.5 apart.

So my question is: has anyone transferred calibration from one colour head to another? What's your experience? Did it work?