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I'm inclined to agree, David. I was getting some strange and inconsistent color-shifting, and a commenter recommended the starter.

Keep in mind, though, that I was using very old chemical concentrates, so my first guess would be that my Part C concentrate is weak due to age. It's too early to tell currently, as I've only mixed up one 1L batch (the original, without starter). The non-shifted negs look perfect, though!
I'm inclined to think "misuse" of the chemicals, rather than age related matters. If there isn't a "Use by" date on the boxes, the concentrates are stable. And even if there was a date, you can be sure it's very, very conservative, even to the point of not at all. Does Rollei or Tetenal or (liquid) Unicolor put "Use by" dates on their packaging? Kodak, et. al., would definitely spend a goodly amount of research and money to prevent disaster.

That you left Starter out would fall into my hypothetical category of "misuse." W/o looking at the MSDS and knowing what chemicals are in it, I'm going to make a guess and say that it functions somewhat in the spirit of keeping a bit of old B&W developer in the next batch.