Hello everyone, I recently acquired a used print washer made by Oriental, named "Eco-Wash". I believe this is similar to the units sold by Cachet. The washer is missing the low/notched dividers.
I'm assuming that I can get some plexiglass cut to fit the washer, and am hoping someone here can write with the proper dimensions for the low dividers, as well as the length and thickness of the notches.

My washer is 16X20 but even someone with a different size washer can help. I'm pretty sure that If I know the dimensions of both the high and low dividers I can use the information to determine the size that my low dividers should be.

Hopefully someone here can help...I know someone on APUG has the same washer, it's just a matter of how often they visit. In the meantime, I'll try and contact the maker of the washer, but it's been somewhat difficult to determine. Perhaps I'll write to Freestyle also.

Thanks for looking, and thanks a lot if you can help with this.