I think that the approachable surreal aspect of photograph, namely black and white, will always hold a fascination for people.

It ebbs and flows in it's popularity, but it still seems the most dramatic, impactful due to its "cutting to the chase" aesthetic, and to it's humanity. What I mean is, it still feels real, although we don't see the world in black and white, but it strips away all the extraneous and leaves us with the essence or the importance or the subject.

It's still approachable but surreal at the same time. It's still our world but not quite. Much like a great song. We don't talk in song but yet for 3 minutes it's able to compress our feelings into a more memorable and moving presentation. So it's part of us yet apart at the same time.

As the evolution of the digital age progresses and the utter swamping of images in the different media, I don't have a clue where "photography" is heading. Granted people do like novelty of the newest toys but still love and appreciate the perfection of a black and white analog or digital print that can move them.

I can't see that ever changing.