Thanks Greg.
I can imagine that white mat board is very difficult to manufacture as cotton and other things from nature aren't perfect. What I don't understand is selling a product that is a factory 2nd, but not labeling it as such. I can't put my work out there with dirt, pencil marks, and spots all over it, even if it's a gift for my mother. It seems like the prices have doubled and the quality cut in half. Nielsen Bainbridge needs to make a change since there's obviously something wrong there. I spoke with them about the issue as well and they didn't seem to express too much interest.
I had to use the scratched plexi and some of the board for my frame because of a deadline. Your staff's quick response to my problem and packaging are great. I did not intend to make this thread a "FDI messed up" speech, I'm just in need of some quality goods.