@StoneNYC I've attached the example. It's hard to show the negatives as they are in a digital image, so I hope it is of any value

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Is PanF a higher contrast film by nature? For instance if Kodak 125PX has 7 zones, does PanF have 6 a bit sooner. Maybe only in Rodinal? Than I might indeed under develop and need to shoot for less contrast. It might be a small diference, I've used the 125PX so much that it is hard to properly judge a film that is very different.
Is it true that Rodinal in high concentrations (1+25) creates higher contrast negatives even if they are slightly underdeveloped? I'll put it to the test but maybe someone has experience with this.
I a very nice pm I was told ASA 50 films might have a slightly higher contrast anyway.

So the solutions seems rating PanF at ASA 25 to get a denser negative and develop as I did. (If developing a bit longer in rodinal 1+50 does the trick, I'll let you know)