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Wildbill, I dont understand your comment about "factory 2nd", and to be honest, I don't think I am very happy about seeing that comment in relation to my company. We only sell brand new Bainbridge Alpharag mat board that is bought directly from Bainbridge and labeled as such.

If we have known defective items that we are selling (such as a frame that was returned) we put them in our clearance section and make it clear that it is defective. No product is perfect but when the quality is abnormally low and we can determine a significant part of a shipment has a problem we send it all back, donate it, or recycle it. Sadly, black specs and other contaminants are something that you run into with mat board from any manufacturer and acrylic from any manufacturer. When you buy in volume like we do, you see it all. We are not perfect either and sometimes we will have handling mistakes. In the case of full sheets we are just taking them out of the box, inspecting them, and then bagging them. I can assure you however, that no one is drawing on them.
I'm not blaming you for making factory 2nds, that's Bainbridge's fault. You ARE selling their product though.
Upon FDI's request I sent photos of the specs, dirt, and the pencil mark. I also sent pics of the 32" long defect in several of the sheets. As I have already stated, I have never seen this many defects in mat board from Bainbridge or any manufacturer.
I ordered 32x40 sheet of mat board. If I intended to mat images to 30x40 frame size, it would not be possible with the material I rec'd. Nothing in your product description said "we're having issues with the following product, expect defects and one side to be unusable.

from your general manager "we are going to also go ahead and update the web site with some additional information to expect these types of defects if you order the full sheets."