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Strongly disagree. Leicas are extremely durable, last a long time (like, generations) with occasional tune-ups, are available in user condition for non-insane prices, and the lenses are just beyond. Also, what other system outside of large format has usable, dedicated lenses dating back 80 years, covering just about any look you want - soft, vintage, ultra-modern, etc? Leicas are extremely practical - just because people collect them doesn't mean they are solely collectors' items!
I think using the word "practical" very loosely, NOTHING that costs as much as a Leica compared to its other 35mm RF brethren can be considered practical. You can buy 5 separate cameras that are fixed lens cameras as an example, to encompass a good range of "lenses" and still pay less than te Leica. And again, the resolving power of the film medium in no way matches the lens quality so all the lens perfection hype means nothing.

As was just said, I don't think that hanging a photo "shot on a Leica" will bring any more added value to the buyer. But what do I know, my next hanging show isn't till April...


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