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Little more specific.. for paper. The mixture is a little confusing on bottle. I believe it's like 1 part Sel and 20 parts water. whats that shake out in fluid oz? I didn't know if you guys had a good solid mixture that you use without staining print and had the desired look you looking for.


It's just a ratio.

If you are going to tone 8x10 in a suitable tray, for example, you'll want about 16 oz of working solution. (that's 500cc for metric folks) This isn't very critical.... If I were you, I'll take 1 oz of the selenium solution and mix in 20 oz of water.

Personally, I make 32 oz working solution as I tone 11x14 as well. 1.5 oz SEL to 30 oz H2O. This keeps for quite a while.... so store it in a bottle and you are good to go.