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If Ilford keeps up this level of support, I might have to take another look at Ilford film. I tried Ilford HP5+ for my photography class a couple years ago and found it was really grainy (like looking at a photo with sand on top of it). My supply of Legacy Pro is running out, and I am looking for a replacement. The FP4 looks promising, as does the PanF.
They are pretty solid, perhaps the developer you used at the time wasn't good for the film?

I just received an email from them today on an issue I found on their site, very nice people, solid company, devoted, I used to want to say "oh I shot on this and this" and wanted to hit all the films that might go away soon, and then I realized I was just getting inconsistent results because I wasn't devoting to a product line to learn and perfect it. Ilford is obviously the current leader in B&W and by leader I mean only profitable company, so even if its not EK it's still in the black, so that's the more solid bet. Their film is really great. I laugh because everyone talks about grain but not as much about (gah!!! I can't spell the word!!! And auto correct doesn't know what I'm trying for....) ACUTENCE (sp?) I found recently that though Acros was a finer grain than HP5, the comparative images looked sharper on HP5 because the edge detail wasn't as blurred. I used DD-X so perhaps Acros responds to Fuji developer better, but even HP5 I would pick in normal light over Acros, I use Acros for night exposures only.

It's all what you use.

Also how long ago was this? Remember ilford now has PLUS on all their films, the improved versions...


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