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Then he said "Smart people earn interest. Stupid people pay interest." He was right. The only interest that makes any sense at all is on a home, and that should be dispatched as quickly as possible.
I agree with all the post, and I arrive to say that also regarding houses smart people earn interest instead of paying it.
I mean that if people knew some financial mathematics they would easily understand that it is much cheaper to rent a house, and save and invest the difference between rent and mortgage, than paying a mortgage.

I have actually put my house on sale. I will invest the sale proceed in shares, earning dividends (very easy to make 5% after taxes nowadays, I hope I sell my house before the next stock bubble). The dividends will pay for a nice rent on the outskirts of Rome, plus a comfortable "rent" living.

Mortgages make people poor. Buy a house when you have the money to pay it cash, I say. A mortgage is a way to pay interest on a large capital. Saving is a way to earn interest. A mortgage instalment is much bigger than a rent for the same house if the market is in a normal state. The monthly difference, properly invested for the long term, will buy a house faster than the mortgage.