I guess i'm just not a rangefinder guy at heart. I've played with Leicas and wasn't too impressed. My friends M3 just didn't feel as right as any Nikon I've ever used (from the F to the F6). If you're obsessing about raw image quality, you can buy a damn Hasselblad KIT for less than a Leica + lens. If you're obsessing about weight, a smallish SLR or even an Olympus XA are versatile, cheaper, and compact. I can understand paying a premium for a certain "look" but, I find it's easier to get the looks I like on Large format with it's respective lenses, if I am really looking for something non-modern.

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In the jewelry category, try wearing a wide angles Rolleiflex, a normal Rolleiflex, and a telephoto Rolleiflex all at once when taking photographs.
This is why they invented the Hasselblad
That being said, TLRs still have a few advantages.