Graflex Crown Graphic 4X5 camera with Schneider Xenar 150mm f/4.5 lens in Compur shutter. This is my 2nd 4x5 camera that I stripped down to save weight and make it more compact, I removed the viewfinder and rangefinder. This camera has the Grafloc back so you can use the roll film backs on it. The exterior covering is intact but well worn with lots of rub marks, scratches. Please look at the photos for the condition. The Grafloc back is well worn with paint loss, pitting, scratches and a small dent in the focus hood cover. The lens is a hybrid, meaning the shutter is not original to these lens elements but is the type of shutter that would come with them. The elements were purchased off Ebay about 10 years ago and the shutter came from a junk box at the Huntsville Photo Flea-market about 7 years ago. The shutter is ugly but works most of the time, the slowest speeds hang up some of the time. The shutter does need servicing since it is very worn. Shutter speeds are B, 1, 1/2, 1/5, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200 and it stops to f/32. The glass is in very very good condition, no marks, scratches or fungus and throws a most excellant image. This would be a good camera for the person who doesn't want to spend much to experience Large Format, but be fore-warned, LF is addictive. I'm reducing my collection so this is sold as is with no returns. USA sales only. Payment by PayPal or USPS money order. Email with questions. $150.00 plus shipping of your choice, I would estimate $20.00, it's heavy.